The National Association of Independent Medical Practices is made up of medical practices, dental practices, medical spas and similar type practices that are not owned or governed by a hospital or other 3rd party organization. NAIMP is dedicated to providing education, networking, funding, mentoring and more to help the independent practitioner have a prosperous and growing practice.


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Storage in the Cloud

Speaker:  Dana Tee Dana Tee is the Marketing Manager of DICOM Grid, a Health IT company dedicated to making medical imaging data accessible and affordable to all providers and practices. Their solutions have been named the #1 Medical Information Solution by the Software Information Industry Association and a category leader in this year’s KLAS Research... Read more →

HIPAA and Mobility: How to Stay Securely Connected

Speaker:  Mary Beth Gettins Mary Beth Gettins is the managing attorney of Gettins’ Law. Their focus is HIPAA, health care privacy and security.    Mary Beth has spent years in business working alongside healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, CEOs, marketing directors, human resource management and other professionals. She is a tenured business attorney with a background in... Read more →

Independent or Employed: Why Fight for Freedom?

Speaker:  Marni Jameson All across the country, hospitals are buying up independent medical practices at a brisk pace. While the temptation for independent practitioners to become employed is understandable, the trend toward consolidation is driving up health-care costs, and lowering quality of care and access. This talk will explore the dynamics driving this trend, the... Read more →

Medical Improv

Title:  Medical Improv Speaker:  Beth Boynton   Beth Boynton, RN, MS, is a nurse consultant specializing in communication and collaboration.  She has recently completed her second book, coming out this Spring, called:  Successful Nurse Communication:  Safe Care, Healthy Workplaces, and Rewarding Careers. Beth writes about related issues at her blog, “Confident Voices in Healthcare” and... Read more →